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Petrosaurus Thalassinus
Blue male & black female

(Baja Blue Rock Lizards)

These beautiful lizards occur in the San Lucan Islands in the Sea of Cortez. I’ve been working with these magnificent San Lucan rock lizards for the last eight years. These baja blue rock lizards are quite prolific breeders and when worked properly can produce a good size clutch per season. In 2003 I was amazed when I produced a black female from a clutch of seven eggs. The rest of the hatchlings were the normal blue phase. After some careful inbreeding I was able to produce an entire clutch of these melanistic babies from one of the black female’s descendants in 2007. So I called these melanistic P thalassinus “baja black rock lizards”. I hope to produce more in the seasons to come as well as some of the normal blue phase.
The photo shown above is of a normal blue phase male and the ’03 black female which was two years old when the photo was taken. Amazingly enough, the parents of that black female were both a normal blue phase although the mother was not much to look at as she showed more gray than blue so I suspect she carried the black DNA which started all this.

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