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Hello and welcome to my reptile web site.

I mainly deal with various species of exotic lizards. From the more common to the somewhat rare. I am primarily a captive breeder and have produced most of my exotic and colorful stock. Some are omnivores, herbivores, insectivores and now and then I have worked with carnivores. Some of these lizards occur in the USA but I also work with species which occur in Mexico, South America, the middle east, Africa and some European countries.


You will see some of my breeders as well as some of their cb (captive bred) offspring. Some of the lizards I have worked with in the past dozen years are collared, agama, uromastyx, gallotia, chuckwalla, baja blue rock and a few others.


The offspring are available from late spring on through the fall or as weather permits for safe shipment. Most of the fore mentioned lizards are egg layers. I have had a few live bearers, which are also quite interesting, especially during birthing season. 


Enjoy your visit and feel free to mail me with any questions regarding availability, price, care and feeding and etc pertaining to this site at


Thanks for stopping by,

John Castellanos "John-C Reptiles"



Uromastyx acanthinurus nigriventris (moroccan)
"Sunshine" cbb in 2000

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